Duramale early ejaculation pills review


A detailed early ejaculation pills review can offer men the capabilities to select a treatment that can improve their sex life. Duramale is considered by many men the prime herbal treatment in treating and ultimately curing premature ejaculation. The proactive working pattern that sooths any sexual discrepancies within the reproductive system and the lack of side effects or hidden complications is what attracts more and more men to use Duramale.

Using a treatment means putting trust and confidence in the respective solution without adding to the mix worries or stress. Through a proper Duramale review males can understand the highly beneficial effects of the supplement.

The benefits of ordering Duramale

Ordering Duramale represents a natural and productive manner to revitalize the sexual potency and enhance the control over the ejaculation tract. The beneficial traits that come from using Duramale include some of the following:
Order Duramale and you will receive:

  • Improves the overall sexual stamina and appetite
  • Revitalizes the erectile functionality
  • Helps men control better the ejaculation pattern
  • Assures gradually long lasting sexual properties to the male genitalia

Duramale ingredients:


Duramale was designed with an extensive attention to details by teams of doctors which selected only unique and pro efficient ingredients. These herbs present proactive and rejuvenating properties that reunited can offer the proper working pattern required to overcome the symptoms presented by premature ejaculation. The natural herbs used in the composition of Duramale are: L-Arginine, L-Phenylalanine, Hygrophila spinosa, Mucuna pruriens, Argyreria speciosa, Tribulus Terrestris.

Money Refund Policy:

Duramale comes with a unique and reliable money back refund policy which was designed to offer men the possibility to test firsthand the beneficial traits of the treatment. Men that have purchased this product can in fact if they are not satisfied with the results of the product to request a full refund (without the shipping and handling taxes) within 90 days.

duramale refund policy
Testimonials from customers:

Andrew Tannen, Chicago, United States

“My sex life was always my pride because I was quite good at it. Still at the beginning of the year I started to notice some discrepancies with my ejaculation. After a quick check-up I discovered that I was suffering from PE. Still now after one month of using Duramale herbal supplement I added 5-7 minutes to my sexual intercourse time period. I am very pleased that I’ve discovered this treatment because it completely changed my sex life.”

Mark Harrolds, London, United Kingdom

“I never imagined to one of those men that write Duramale testimonials but the results which I’ve experienced during the treatment obliged me to offer my proper thanks. After a 6 month treatment with Duramale my sexual intercourse potency greatly improved making me vital and potent. The newly acquired sexual qualities changed me completely offering pleasure and enhanced sensations that I never before experienced.”

Duramale prices:


  • 1 Bottle $ 54.95 ( 1 month supply)
  • 2 Bottles $ 89.95 ( 2 months supply)
  • 3 Bottles $ 129.00 ( 3 months supply)
  • 6 bottles- $ 239.00 ( 6 months supply)

    Duramale Dosage: Men need only to take 2 capsules of Duramale per day with a glass of water.


Duramale can change your sexual life

Ordering Duramale represents a clear opportunity for men to regain control of their ejaculation tract and thus improve the quality of their lives. There are many options which can be used to order Duramale. The online process is highly appreciated through the official Duramale website. Other ordering options also include: by fax, phone or even by mail.

All the present major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, Discovery and others are accepted. All the transactions are safe and protected, respecting the intimacy of the buyer.