Delay premature ejaculation pills review


Premature ejaculation represents a major concern for the male population and for this reason the medical community offers a large variety of products which can be used against the disorder. The vast popularity of the PE pills has demanded the creation of a detailed Delay review. This herbal supplement is the currently the leading treatment against the agents that prevent a man from sexually performing. Delay induces a sequence of proactive actions that stimulate the hypothalamic sensors of the brain which are responsible for regulating the levels of the sexual excitement.

The basic active core of Delay can help men prolong the penetration time and offer them control over the ejaculatory pattern.

The benefits of using Delay

Ordering the most popular premature ejaculation treatment, Delay will make men benefit from the following effects:

  • Increased sexual appetite (due to the natural aphrodisiacs)
  • Control over the ejaculation moment
  • 2 series of intense orgasms
  • increased sexual stamina
  • Intense orgasms

Delay ingredients:


The natural active core of Delay is assured by the reunited revitalized properties of the herbs composing the structural composition of the product. The beneficial sexual results that Delay offers men represent the reunited effects of Withania Somnifera, Cnidium Monnieri, Tribulus Terrestris, Semen Cuscutae, Dioscorea Vilosa, Passiflora Incarnata, Curculigo Orchioides, Cardamon, Zinc oxide. All of these ingredients were carefully selected in order to induce within the body the proper actions required to revitalize the reproductive system and treat any abnormalities.

Money Refund Policy:

All the Delay tablets come with a 100% money back guarantee which can be activated when a man is displeased with the results of the product. In this unlikely event men can opt to ask for their money back within 2 months of trying the product. The refund (without the shipping and handling fees) will be issued for any bottles. This policy represents a clean reflection of the care that the manufactures of Delay put in their products.

premature ejaculation pills review
Testimonials from customers:

The current Delay testimonials are open to the general male public that desires to understand and see how this herbal supplement helps me overcome premature ejaculation once and for all.

Christian Porter, Miami, United States

“Dealing with the negative implications of premature ejaculation trust is not easy and requires a lot of patience. Well I was getting tired of having to experience embarrassment and hope for the best. This was the reason why I started the treatment with Delay. I opted for this herbal remedy because I read a premature ejaculation pills review which placed it as the best. The doctor that wrote that article was right Delay helped since the first week to overcome the early symptoms of the disorder. ”

Paul Mitchell, Sydney, Australia

“Delay is without a doubt the best supplement that I’ve used against premature ejaculation. Now having control over my ejaculation tract is great because my sexual intercourse time improved by up to 7 minutes and I am at the middle of the program. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product for all the men suffering from PE. ”

Delay prices:


  • $49.95 for one box – one month supply
  • $109.05 for 3 boxes – three months supply
  • $199.95 for 6 boxes -six months supply



The regular dosage plan of Delay includes taking 2 pills per day with a full glass of water.

Combat premature ejaculation with Delay!

Ordering Delay means for any man with premature ejaculation a fast treatment without any side effects or hidden complications. The most popular method of purchasing the product is the online transaction through the official website of Delay or by phone, fax or email.

The Delay treatment means overcoming once and for all the early or advanced symptoms of premature ejaculation.